Chris Price

My interest in photography started in my early teens, I caught the bug from my dad, spending hours with him in his darkroom back in the late 60’s early 70’s learning how to take and develop black and white photos. We were using chemicals in those days, trays of liquids that my mum complained about that burnt and stained the carpets as we dripped them on route from the bathroom through my sister’s bedroom to the darkroom.

The 80’s and 90’s came and early on I discovered girls, well as you can imagine hobbies became less appealing, the inevitable happened I got married and spent the next two and a half decades bringing up my family. Money was tight so no room or time for my hobby, therefore, I missed the golden age of slides and projectors and have come back into the hobby in the digital age. I was initially against the use of Photoshop and felt images should be straight out of the camera but listening and learning I can see the benefits of pixel manipulation, it can rescue some good shots to become very good shots.

Well in recent times the kids have left home, I have a very understanding wife who actively encourages my hobby, I have a bit more time on my hands now so I decided to join a local photographic club to learn how to take better photos, how to get off that “auto” setting on my new camera.

Things have moved on now, I consider myself a reasonable photographer and now teach basic photography skills to my patients as a form of therapy in the NHS. I belong to 2 camera clubs and have formed some great relationships with other like minded photographers.

One particular chap (Sam) has adopted me, we have worked a lot together in photographic terms over the last few years, we belong to the same clubs and it is with him we decided to form the Rochford photographic society.

Sam is the young enthusiastic one, extremely talented. I am the old good looking one (NOT) 😊.

I am sure I can speak for Sam and say we are both keen to pass on our skills and look forward to meeting you, we aim to make our sessions enjoyably practical, where all members share skills so we all learn from one another.